Meet Isidra Mencos
Isidra Mencos VidaNow.Net Memoirist Editor Educator Speaker

Ever since I can remember,
I’ve loved words and stories.

I was a voracious reader since early childhood — the type who hid in the bathroom with a book when her best friend was visiting, to sneak a few pages in between games.


This love of reading pushed me to build my whole career around literature, writing, editing and storytelling.


Here are some professional milestones:


  • B.A. in Spanish and Latin America literature from the University of Barcelona.
  • 10 years as a literary critic, editor, translator and publicist for some of the most renowned publishing houses in Spain: Seix Barral, Planeta and Muchnik Editores.
  • PhD in Spanish and Latin American Contemporary Literature from the University of California, Berkeley.
  • 12 years teaching at UC Berkeley, first as a Graduate Student Instructor and then as a Lecturer, with a focus on Spanish literature and creative writing.
  • Successful 9 year career in the US as a freelance journalist and editor, including writing 600+ articles for multiple-times Emmy Award winner Jorge Ramos, recognized by Time Magazine as one of 25 most important Hispanics in the US.
  • Author of a collection of short stories, Juego de voces (Ediciones Navegante, Austin, TX, 1997.)
  • Author of an awarded academic book, Mercè Rodoreda: An Annotated Bibliography (Scarecrow Press, Lanham, MA, 2004.)
  • 4 years as Executive Editor of BabyCenter en Español, the leading digital resource for Hispanic parents. Took traffic from 0 at launch to over 8 million monthly unique visitors. Supervised personally the writing and localization of thousands of articles.
  • 5 years as Editorial Director of the Hispanic, Brazilian and Canadian BabyCenter sites. The 3 websites were leaders in their markets.
  • Launched the Blog de BabyCenter, a bilingual blog platform. Hired, trained and managed over 30 English and Spanish-language bloggers, gaining over 1 million monthly readers in 1 year.
  • Recognized as a Hispanic Leader by Latin Vision Media in 2010.
  • Published in English and Spanish in VivaFifty.com, Latino Community Foundation Blog, Huffpost.com, El Blog de BabyCenter and BabyCenter Blog.


I left my corporate job to come back to my first love: creative writing. I’m currently working on my memoir, which I’m writing in English, while applying my well-honed skills to help others tell their stories, writing memoirs for clients in English or Spanish.


I also coach fellow writers through their book projects, and edit or translate client’s books. And I haven’t abandoned my passion for teaching!

Isidra Mencos VidaNow.Net Memoirist Editor Educator Speaker

What one word best describes Isidra?


This heart is a farewell tribute from my colleagues at BabyCenter, where I was a corporate leader for 10 years.



I had the privilege of working with Isidra Mencos in the very important personal project of writing my life journey in both my mother language, Spanish, and my adopted language, English. Isidra got my voice throughout, and wrote my story in a masterful way that captured my Spanish heritage as well as my English current life, showing her command of the craft. I found great pleasure in working with Isidra during sessions that focused on getting to my most intimate memories. She knows how to ask, how to inspire trust, and how to tell an engaging story. I look forward to a future that will get us together again, to collaborate on other projects where her impeccable ethics, talent, and passion for the craft will continue to shine.


Isidra brings a valuable blend of editorial skills and deep knowledge of the Hispanic market to her work. As Editor of New Parent en Español Isidra was responsible for crafting content and developing relationships and she excels at both. Isidra is a talented professional with a wide breadth of skills.

— Kathy Nenneker, Producer, Journalist, Content Strategist
Isidra's talent as an editor and writer, and her impeccable professionalism have always been a source of inspiration through the 12 + years that we have been working together. It is always a pleasure and an enriching experience to work under her guidance.
— Luciane Garbin, Contributing Writer for BabyCenter
Isidra worked for me for many years at Time Inc, where she edited Spanish-language publications for parents. I also freelanced for her at BabyCenter.com, producing content in English. As both an editor and a manager, Isidra's work is everything you can ask for: She's outstanding at formulating and executing content for both print and online, and her assignments are carefully thought out and fully explained. Equally important, she's terrific at doctoring content that hasn't shaped up correctly. She's thoughtful, creative, energetic, and committed to delivering the best.
—Bruce Raskin, Former Executive Editor at Parenting Magazine, Time Inc.t
Digital- and business-savvy, Isidra is ever conscious of her audience's needs, making sure to engage her users and/or answer their questions with any and all content offerings.
— Lisa Park, VP, Content Strategy at Point One


I had the privilege of studying under Professor Mencos for two semesters at U.C. Berkeley during my undergraduate years. Her hallmark was an ability to balance her commitment to high academic standards and dedication to her students’ mastery of the material while imbuing her course with merriment. The curriculum at Berkeley was quite demanding in that it required the class to move at a very rapid pace. She was able to keep the class on schedule without coming across as a taskmaster. Instead, each semester was like an exciting ride with Professor Mencos as our guide!

— Erin Godtland, Assistant Director at US Government Accountability Office
Professor Isidra Mencos was my most outstanding and memorable Spanish professor at UC Berkeley. She possesses all the qualities of a well-rounded and exceptional professor. She is extremely knowledgeable in her subject area, and prepares meticulously for each lesson. She makes her lessons exciting and engaging, using a variety of techniques. Her syllabus is both ambitious and achievable. She is fair, consistent and punctual. Students always understand the educational purpose of each class, lecture, reading and assignment. I learned a lot in Isidra Mencos' course on modern Spanish literature, not only on the subject of the class, but on effective teaching itself.
— Arienne Adamcikova, High School Spanish Teacher


Isidra is an excellent presenter, able to both fire up an audience and communicate complex concepts.
— Jon Stross, Co-founder at Greenhouse.
Isidra is a tremendous speaker who shares memorable stories with her audiences.

— Joe Kutchera, Digital Marketing Advisor focusing on Latam/Hispanic markets
Isidra is a strong leader and an inspiration. When I worked with her at BabyCenter, I witnessed an individual who managed a tight ship, demonstrating her dynamism, transparency and excellent organizational skills. Not only that, she is an extremely creative and passionate individual, who inspired and mentored her team to continually grow.

— Lisa Park, VP Content Strategy at PointOne
After a long search, I hired Isidra to lead BabyCenter Latin America —an important part of our global strategy— and couldn’t have been happier with her in that role. From our earliest meetings, when we were making critical decisions about everything from which countries we should target to what voice would most appeal to such a diverse range of moms and cultures, Isidra unerringly asked the right questions, provided the key insights, and —ultimately— made the right calls that led to all the growth and success we could have hoped for. Part of that, I’m sure, had to do with her energy, drive, and focus. She’s someone who simply GETS THINGS DONE with no wasted effort. But she also was able to attract and motivate a talented team. Since then (after I left BabyCenter), I’ve been lucky enough to use Isidra as a sounding board for a number of projects, and I’ve always been impressed with her as someone who’s a consistently straight-shooter, honest to the core, smart, and fearless.
— Jim Scott, Co-founder at Kinstantly